The Hose’s Civet

      At first sight, Borneo hose’s civet might be a mix between a dog and a cat but truth is that it s a much more intriguing animal than that. It is so mysterious ; we know sooooo little about it that scientific classification chose to qualify it as « vulnerable » rather than « endangered ». […]

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Watch Turbomedia

You can enhance to full screen by double clicking on the center of the image. Pour afficher le mode plein écran, double cliquez au centre de l’image.

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Hoscap Borneo

What is HOSCAP Borneo? This is for Hoscap Borneo that Bapa Hagan realized the Civet Project ! HOSCAP Borneo is a research-based conservation project that studies small mammalian carnivores (such as civets, mongooses, martens, wild cats, and others) in a logging concession in Sarawak. The project has a particular interest in the rare and elusive […]

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Bat Raf is fluent in computer language then...he helped us !

Programing by

Who is Bat Raf ? Bat Raf is the third character of our Civet project. As he is used to say « Artists are a bit afraid with computer language then I want to help them ! » Then he did it ! Thanks to him all the technical part and its massive issues turned into promenade. […]

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